Welcome To Tile Grout & Renew

Tile & Grout Re-New is a licensed and insured tile and grout restoration and care company located in the capital district. We specialize in cleaning and restoring tile and grout to make any floor or shower look new for years to come in a fast and cost effective manner without the mess. We also teach you how to maintain your newly sealed and color sealed tile and grout. Stained and discolored grout can make any beautiful tile job look and feel dirty and old. We have a solution for all of your tile and grout needs at a fraction of the cost of remodeling without the mess. Most jobs are completed in one day allowing you to get back to your busy life. We caulk leaky showers as well. Leaking showers can cause costly water damage and allow the growth of mold and mildew which is harmful for everyone.

Why Choose Us

Protecting Your Investment Through Cleaning, Restoring & Maintaining Your Tile, Grout & Natural Stone
Our philosophy is simple…. we provide quality over quantity. At Tile & Grout Re-New, we address the cares, concerns and needs of all of our customers in the most courteous and professional manner at a competitive cost. We set a higher standard and quality when it comes to tile and grout cleaning as a skilled trade. We also provide unmatched customer service and you’ll notice all of it while working with us. We are detailed and meticulous when it comes to our work and itemize every job proposal to give you more options when restoring your tile and grout.
We promise to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of your lifestyle need, Give us a call if you want the higher quality job at the most affordable price.
The right care can ensure the success of any tile cleaning, sealing or restoration effort.